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Importing a Well Log from an Email message.

Attachments to email messages with a .LAS or .las file suffix can be opened and imported directly into to GeoPlot by tapping on the attachment and selecting Open in "GeoPlot".

Mail Attachments

Attachments that GeoPlot can open will show the GeoPlot icon when GeoPlot is installed.

  • iPhone LAS file Mail Attachment
    LAS file Mail Attachment on iPhone
  • iPhone LAS file Mail Attachment
    LAS file Mail Attachment on iPad

Importing from Dropbox or other cloud storage services.

There are a number of cloud file services that provide synchronization and access to files that you upload to their servers through their own apps. Many of these apps support the Open in ... action that is used by the Mail application and can be used to import files to GeoPlot.

Storing Log files on these services and using the Open in "GeoPlot" action allows you to import logs in the same way that you would import them from Mail.

If you want to check out Dropbox you can get an account here.


GeoPlot currently does not support iCloud for well log import. As iCloud does not provide a Dropbox like interface for storing and retrieving files we are still looking into how to best make use of this technology for GeoPlot.

Importing multiple Well Logs using iTunes File Sharing

Connect your device to your computer and follow the numbered steps in the image below to import files from your computer into GeoPlot.