View and manage Well Logs on your
iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Version 1.1.2

  • FIX Fix crash when attempting to import logs with very long file names.
  • FIX Fix crash when adding an offset plot under certain conditions.
  • CHANGE Improve performance displaying and scrolling high density plots.
  • NEW Tap on the status bar while viewing a plot to hide and show the curve header.
  • NEW Data protection if Passcode Lock is turned on (Settings App - General - Passcode Lock)

What is GeoPlot?

GeoPlot is a well management and geological survey application for iOS devices. Import well log files in LAS 2.0 format to GeoPlot through mail or using iTunes. Create plots from imported logs then annotate, adjust depth settings and scale, view two plots for side by side and adjust the offset between those plots.

Share plots by exporting them as a PDF file that includes any annotations that have been made to the plots.

Log Management

GeoPlot allows you to import LAS files from multiple wells and helps you keep them organized. Recent plots, newly added logs and the ability to flag plots for quick access in the future ensures that you have the information that you need when you need it.

GeoPlot automatically groups logs together by the well name contained in the log file. Once a log is imported you can quickly access the parameter and header information included in the log.


Plots are a core feature of GeoPlot. Multiple plots can be created from a single imported well log and each plot can have a different depth curve, curves traces, annotations and scale settings.

Scroll through plots using the touch based scrolling or quickly jump to specific depths in the plot that you have previously annotated with the annotation tool.

GeoPlot Well Log Plot

Dynamic Header

Trace values in the header change while scrolling a plot to reflect the value at the position of the depth pointer. Selecting a trace name in the header activates Dynamic Scaling where the scaling of a trace can be adjusted with a pinch.

Customizable Traces

Select which traces are displayed from the source LAS file and customize the colour, line style, limits, scaling and wrapping for each.

Depth Scaling

Adjust depth scaling from a number of common options for both Imperial and Metric units.

Depth Pointer

The depth pointer can display the current depth value or the value of any other curve. Tap the depth pointer to hide it momentarily.


Start an annotation at the current depth pointer position and scroll to set it's size. Add additional notes to the annotation or change it's highlight colour by tapping the information icon. Notes are also displayed on exported PDF's.

The annotation list allows you to scroll through or jump directly to the start depth of an annotation by selecting it from the annotation list.

PDF Export

Export a plot as a PDF file and send it via email or export it to iTunes file sharing.

Offset Plots

Offset plot support allows you to examine two plots side by side. Plots can be adjusted independently to line up formations then locked to view them together. The offset distance between the two plots is clearly displayed at the top of the plot on the right.

An offset plot may also be used to split the curves of a single log file onto two separate plots. This can remove clutter when trying to display a large number of curves on a single plot.

GeoPlot Offset Plot